First publication in Springer’s book

After 1 week acceptance notice for my paper to be presented in ACIS/JNU CNSI 2011 conference in Jeju Island, Korea, I receive an email from the conference chair.

So my paper is among the 20 outstanding paper selected to be published in Springer’s Studies in Computational Intelligence. oh. happiness.

At least that is what the conference homepage said.

Truth is, my paper is selected because my professor recommends it.

Apparently, my professor is the chair for special session in which my paper categorized in. Such a sharp nail to my ego bubble.

Granted, it is good enough for the publication. (I receive these scores in the review process) :
3 outstanding and 2 normal score. Outstanding in terms of :

– paper organization -thanks to my english teacher who taught me to write essays well (Ms Pauline, you will always be remembered)

– originality,

– industrial applicability

But the way my professor said when i tell him about the publication notice. “Yes, i know, i recommend your paper for Springer”

Argh. I mean, he can say congratulations first and lead by telling me how my paper will be a great impact to the world of information technology before stating the fact.
Oh well, who cares. More paper publication for my CV. yay!