Flirting Technique

Besok saya akan pergi ke COEX Hall di Seoul untuk mengikuti acara Career Fair for Overseas Student. Acara terdiri atas seminar dan walk-in interview. Panduan acara di websitenya menyarankan untuk membawa resume dan cover letter. Kebetulan saya belum membuat cover letter.

Seingat saya, dulu sewaktu kuliah S1 di PU, ada mata kuliah “Business English”, dimana saya diajar untuk membuat cover letter, resume, menulis essay dan lain-lain. Akhirnya saya coba cari-cari lagi di folder kuliah S1 saya. Sewaktu mencari-cari, saya menemukan essay bahasa inggris buatan saya dulu sewaktu mengikuti mata kuliah tersebut. Essay ini termasuk kategori “Process Essay”.

Gila, ternyata pernah nulis essay seperti ini saya. Hehe.

Silahkan dibaca, tugas kuliah “process essay” saya berjudul “Flirting Technique” yang ditulis bertiga oleh saya sendiri, Gokong dan Gumi(nama dirahasiakan)

Flirting Technique

An attractive woman catches the attention of every man in a party. She is having a drink when suddenly a man approaches her and says, “Excuse me, have we met somewhere because I think you look like my new girlfriend.” The girl smiles and both of them introduce each other while the other men look jealously at the man. The man simply flirt the woman and he succeeds in doing so. Anyone can learn to flirt. Flirting is basically attracting someone and takes control of the communication to steer it to romantic direction. Some people have the natural charisma to attract others. For the other people who are not lucky enough, these are several easy steps to join the competition.

First of all, pick your target. This is the first and essential step in flirting.  In this case, there is nothing wrong by judging a person based on their appearance. This determines our next step which is first impression. For example, if the person looked outgoing then a straightforward approach will be fine. In contrast, if the person is shy then a little formal approach will be best. In giving first impression, make sure that you looked confident. Do not be afraid because the worst thing that can happen is only polite rejection. Always remember that you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

After the first impression, then comes the introduction. Introduce just some of the basic information about yourself. You may want to extend by mentioning your achievement, goal, and etcetera but save it for later. Right now, it is not about you but it is all about the one you speak to. People love to talk about themselves. If you ran out of questions to ask, just remember the basic question: who, where, when, why, how. Next is to let the conversation flow naturally. Use small talk about movies, current event, etc. Avoid the question that leads only to yes or no as an answer. Instead, ask about their opinion about something. Maintain eye contact and let the person thinks that you are interested in their story no matter how boring it is. It is important to make him or her feels appreciated. If you want to know how far you have attracted the person, just ask personal questions. The success of you flirts determined by it.

Finally, if you have implemented the above technique but rejection is still inevitable, then you must introspect yourself. The first thing to check will be your appearance. Most people are shallow. They make an assumption based on how a person looks. A good grooming only consists of three things: clean, neat, and good smell. Next thing to introspect will be your internal characteristics, such as your confidence, sense of humor, social skills, etc.

In the end, not every technique is relevant to everyone, which is why you have to develop your own style. Use the techniques that you feel more comfortable with and be confident with them. Your flirting style will be part of your character which will attract people around you. Always be ready to flirt, which means always presenting yourself so that you will feel very confident, meaning you must maintain good grooming every time.


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