I’ve compiled this list of Korean vocabulary for TOPIK so you don’t have to

So this month could be my last in Korea. I’ve finally completed my thesis and I haven’t got a job yet. Mostly because my Korean still sucks. Apparently, my super amazing TOPIK Beginner level 2 qualification hasn’t opened any door for employment.

topik certificate

Which brings me to this post. It would be such a shame if I don’t share my super amazing study material for TOPIK. I’ve compiled this list of Korean Essential Vocabulary so you don’t have to. The vocabulary reference is from the “Korean 6000 Essential Vocabulary” book.

korean 6000 essential

This is a good book, because it divides the vocabulary into three parts: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. I haven’t completed the Advanced part yet because I don’t see any reason I will take the Advanced test anytime soon.

So the combination of this list and the grammar list I posted some time ago are the ultimate study guides for anyone who wants to study Korean and don’t care that the guides are compiled by some dude who is just barely passed the Beginner test.



6 thoughts on “I’ve compiled this list of Korean vocabulary for TOPIK so you don’t have to”

    1. waktu saya cari-cari, di indonesia kurang banyak buku belajar bahasa korea. yang kamus ini ga ada di indo. bisa beli online, tapi ongkirnya mahal juga. jadi yah…beli online.


  1. Thanks, this is really useful. If somebody would be kind enough to translate the rest of the words I’d be ever grateful ^^


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